‘Bedbug fell off pillow’: Canadian shares Airbnb horror story

A Canadian couple who traveled with their toddler to San Diego for a wedding have returned home to Vancouver with the full Airbnb horror story.

It all started well, according to Eugene Kaplan, but “it turned into a dreadful, horrifying experience.”

The original plan was to stay six nights from August 24 to 30 in San Diego while Kaplan’s wife’s sister was getting married there.

Two days later, the nightmare began.

“On August 26, we woke up to find that my wife had around 30 marks on her arms. I had a group of marks on my ankles. Fortunately, our toddler was spared.

Kaplan says they didn’t know what to do, but they almost immediately suspected bed bugs or some other type of parasite, but found no evidence.

“We didn’t see any blood on the sheets etc.”

Things took a horrific turn the next day.

“The next afternoon, while I was trying to put our toddler down for a nap, a bed bug fell off the pillow while I was moving it.”

Kaplan said he fell directly on the mattress.

“Bed bugs are slow moving so I was able to capture them in a Ziplock container and take a picture of them.”


All reviews of the Airbnb unit in question are positive. After 51 reviews, the suite currently has a rating of 4.86, with a 4.9 for cleanliness. No other reviews other than Kaplan’s mention bed bugs in any capacity. Instead, they all suggest the unit is clean and the host is respectful.

Even then, Kaplan’s story suggests that the Airbnb host was mostly easy to work with. She even changed the sheets the day after the welts were first reported.

airbnb horror


The host suggested it was just an allergic reaction to the detergent in the sheets, but the pictures tell a different story.



The review Kaplan left for the Airbnb Superhost mirrored everything you read in this story, including the welts, the bug falling off the pillow, and more.

Another thing Kaplan told Daily Hive, which he also mentioned in his review, is that the host was worried about losing his “Superhost” status because of the negative review.

In response to Kaplan’s review, the host wrote, “a thorough inspection of the property was carried out and no evidence of bugs or infestation was found.”

Airbnb response

Kaplan was unhappy with Airbnb’s initial response. When writing to Daily Hive, he said: “I think it’s important for your readers to know how little Airbnb is concerned on their guests.

Airbnb offered a response to Daily Hive as well as the guest in question following the ordeal.

“While issues are rare, our 24/7 community support team is committed to providing our full support to customers when trips don’t go as planned,” a spokesperson said.

Afterwards, Kaplan told Daily Hive that she was offered a full refund for nights that the host did not initially reimburse her for.

Airbnb also gave us a full response from the host, who said he was “positive” that the bites weren’t caused on his property.

“I wish I had been shown evidence of a living insect in a ziplock bag, but you made no mention of this finding until this review.”

The host added that they had the entire guesthouse fumigated for peace of mind.

Based on all the evidence, the host seemed sincere in stating that he had no idea what was going on and that it was just an unfortunate and traumatic circumstance for Kaplan’s family without malicious intent.

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