Barrows Hotel Enterprises closes multi-million dollar


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, November 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Barrows, the hotel investment and advisory service provider for hotels in the Middle East and Africa, advises a West African developer in seeking financing for a shopping mall, business center and hotel tower ultramodern.

Barrows will raise funds within its institutional and banking network focused on large-scale hotel and retail development. The two parties signed a long-term agreement for the realization of this project. The total asset value of the transaction is $ 300 million.

“In addition to advising and raising capital, Barrows will contract a 5-star hotel operator to operate the hotel business. As soon as all the agreements are signed and the capital has been provided, the construction period will begin, ”said President Erwin Jager van Barrows. Hotel companies.

After the global pandemic, this is a unique opportunity for many 5 star hotel operators to enter the West African continent and establish themselves in a very modern and unique environment focused on tourism and business. The growth and value of the location are very important factors here. West Africa is growing rapidly and in the decades to come, West Africa will develop more and more within world trade.

Barrows Hotel Enterprises operates more than 10,000 hotel rooms internationally in more than 10 countries. The company started in 2008 as a real estate investor in the Dubai residential market. Since 2012, Barrows has changed strategy and the company is fully focused on the fast growing hotel industry in the Middle East. Since 2020, Barrows has been active across the MENA region.

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