Auckland at ‘Alert Level Hotel California’


Hospitality and retail businesses remain gutted by yesterday’s decision to keep Auckland on endless Alert Level 3 with the added uncertainty of the ‘steps’.

“For Auckland businesses, including mine, this decision represents ‘Alert Level Hotel California’. We have been registered at level 3 and may never leave, ”says Sunny Kaushal, president of the Dairy and Business Owners’ Group.

“What we needed was a date, but all we got instead was more uncertainty week after week.

“If schools can resume on October 18, something you can bank on, why can’t hotel businesses reopen? There will be a lot more kids nearby than you would sit in a cafe or retail stores.

“These arbitrary measures are a public relations band-aid. Something that the removal of the hospitality ceilings south of Hamilton underlines as a kick in the guts. It’s good for these businesses, don’t get me wrong, but it reminds us that Auckland businesses and our people are second class citizens.

“So what can the government do to show that it is listening? First, they need to move the alert level / stage decisions to Sunday by making all future announcements on that day and not at the end of the game on Monday. If we ever got down a notch, a Sunday decision would give us an extra day to get the lists and staff, food prep / stock, and systems put in place.

“We also want the resurgence support payment to move to the weekly payment for businesses unable to open below alert level 3 stages 1 and 2.
Owner-operated retail and hospitality businesses are dying in Auckland. He has already killed the euro in recent days at just 22 years old and we need support now to prevent others from following them sadly.

“We also need the government and the Auckland Council to take a break from any new policy that makes it difficult for us to do business. We just need a good start because it has been a small step for the government and a giant step backwards for retail and hospitality, ”said Kaushal.

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