An Airbnb host met OnlyFans creators while renting and the TikTok video is so embarrassing

An OnlyFans creator says she and her friends were about to create adult content at an Airbnb when the owner walked in, and her TikTok video of the encounter is so uncomfortable.

Isla Moon says not only did her Airbnb host walk in without telling her, but she also claims he was watching the room without telling her.

She explains the whole embarrassing incident in a series of videos on TikTok, starting with one that captures the moment after the host enters.

“The Airbnb host came over unannounced while we were in the middle of production,” the caption captioned the video, which has been viewed over 7 million times.

She says her group quickly tried to pretend they were doing yoga, but the host didn’t believe them.

Moon tried to film the interaction discreetly, so we mostly see the floor in the video and some of what they’re saying in the background.

It was mentioned that cops were called and the host told them he was “not trying to be ad*ck”.

Naturally, his millions of viewers requested a story hour, so Moon delivered just that.

“If you’re new here, I do some things for a living with my friends, and we booked an Airbnb so we can do TikToks together,” she said in the video. “Other times it’s something else, but this time it was just for TikToks.”

Her TikTok account shows that she does indeed teaser her NSFW content on OnlyFans.

She then explained that before the host showed up, neighbors had already complained about the noise level of her group and called the police the night before.

The next day, “the host introduced himself and said, ‘Show me your yoga mats’.”


She says her group tried to keep the yoga trick going, but he told them he didn’t believe in it. The host also said he knew they weren’t partying because he checked the cameras. He finally left without chasing them.

However, people in the comments section were quick to point out that the camera is a red flag.

“Excuse me..I’m looking at the cameras???!!” one user wrote below the video.

Moon went on to say that she and her friends looked around after the host left, and they found what every Airbnb guest fears: hidden cameras and recording devices.

“We started by looking outside the Airbnb, and we found a bunch of cameras,” Moon explained. “but that’s fine. They’re allowed to do the cameras outside.”

“Inside the Airbnb, we found recording devices,” Moon added. “They could hear what was going on… all the time.”

To make matters worse, the exterior cameras were apparently aimed at the windows of the property.

“The host was telling us ‘I was looking at the cameras,’ meaning they were watching what was going on inside and they could hear what was going on as well,” she said.

People in the comments section were quick to point out that Airbnb has rules against concealed check-in devices and that hosts are expected to disclose anything present.

“It’s illegal unless disclosed in the description,” one user wrote.

It’s unclear if she said anything to Airbnb itself.

However, people take all of this as a warning to watch out for the cameras the next time you’re at an Airbnb!

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