Airbnbs and Vrbos listings are on the rise locally; owners presenting Owensboro with a unique experience


With over 50 options in Owensboro-Daviess County, Airbnb and Vrbo listings are on the rise locally – and owners aim to showcase Owensboro while providing a unique experience. Properties range from eloquent downtown condos to cozy cabins in Utica and quaint West Louisville farmhouses.

Some are aimed at itinerant manufacturers and health workers looking for extended stays, while others only briefly target festival-goers and city dwellers.

Sisters Amy Nix and Jenny Millay created Housing 101 in 2019 with their mother after seeing a need in the community. They started out with one house, but have grown to five over the past two years, devoting their efforts to long-term corporate rentals with minimum stays of 21 days.

“Our client profile would be someone in town for a construction project, a medical rotation or maintenance of a factory,” Nix said. “There is an influx of people who need temporary and flexible rentals, and we believe our properties are a great alternative to a hotel. “

Both were initially aimed at tourists, but soon realized that there was a market looking for 60- and 90-day rentals. Nix spent her first professional career as a private flight attendant before becoming a real estate agent, which gave her the experience needed to take their housing projects to new heights.

“I had traveled as a private flight attendant so I knew the concept and recognized that there was a need in Owensboro that needed to be met,” she said. “Hotels are often not attractive for long stays, and their prices are certainly not attractive. Our properties have all the amenities of a hotel, as well as full kitchens and ample space.

Nix said she and Millay stayed at several rental properties before starting their business and loved the concept. They reflect on their experiences to ensure that their properties are satisfactory, with comfort, the ability to walk, and locations in the foreground.

“We work very hard to keep them up to date, clean and secure,” Nix said. “Our locations are favorable for people traveling to Owensboro; they are blocks from the river and friendly. We want to present Owensboro to our customers in the best possible light, and we work hard to provide excellent hospitality.

Nix and Millay achieved superhost status on Airbnb in July. For more information on Housing101, visit their website here, or search for Housing101 on Facebook and Instagram.

Shanna McGinnis entered the industry this summer after spending the past eight years as a pediatrician. McGinnis’ property accommodates shorter stays, making them more tourist-friendly or people in town for life events, such as weddings and funerals.

After listing a home on Cedar Street for the first time on September 5, she has already racked up nearly 10 bookings. These include families in town for Romp, Holiday World, and a youth football tournament.

“I wanted to make the transition to a career where I could be more available to my family, and I saw real estate as an investment strategy,” McGinnis said. “I have always had an interest in interior design and have been good with hospitality; it was exciting to do something a little different.

McGinnis first stayed at an Airbnb in 2016 while visiting her brother-in-law in Florence, Italy. They were in town for a week and only brought one piece of carry-on, initially drawn to the washer and dryer, but ultimately falling in love with the whole experience.

“It was a really cool apartment right in the heart of Florence; we felt like we were locals while we were there, ”she said. “It was different from the hotel experience and definitely more convenient.

McGinnis said Owensboro has many of the same characteristics as a metropolis or tourist town.

“We have beautiful murals, fantastic restaurants and much more; it could be the next big destination in the south, ”she said. “There is always a need and a market for hotels; Airbnbs simply creates a different and unique experience.

Like Nix, McGinnis strives to promote Owensboro with the home decor and places a heavy emphasis on the possibility of walking. Erected in 1895, the house has undergone a complete restoration and McGinnis relied on many local artists to enhance the accommodation experience.

“The house is a nice representation of our city,” she said. “I loved decorating it and planned to put some local artwork in the house. There’s a barrel of bourbon from Green River Distilling and dishes from Willow and Pine – it’s all “Owensboro Proud”.

To view a detailed list of Owensboro Airbnbs, click here. To view Vrbos, click here.

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