Airbnb ‘swing house’ in Ohio delights endless guests



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A ridiculously cool vacation rental in Cincinnati, Ohio has left some guests flabbergasted — but in the best possible way.

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It’s known as “the swing house” thanks to its 30-foot swing that hangs from the ceiling amid the spacious digs, and it’s a hot Airbnb that’s self-contained and “is the realization of a 30+ year dream,” the listing reads.

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It’s not cheap at $204 per night, but judging by the reviews left by guests, it’s worth every penny.

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The one-bedroom, one-bathroom home has a 4.98 rating on Airbnb appears to be booked throughout January and most of February.

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“This place is amazing!” exclaimed a guest. “Hands down the coolest place we’ve ever stayed. There is nothing else out there like it!

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“It was the most interesting and fun place I’ve ever stayed,” said another. “Everything about the stay was perfect, right down to the host. »

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“An experience you will remember all your life,” one person wrote.

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“This beautiful work of art is not only a great stay in a big city, but the energy and creativity of the house literally rejuvenates the soul,” another commented.

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“Walking through the Swing House I was blown away,” one person said. “The photos don’t even compare to the amazement in person. It was surreal to wake up in this house. It really is a work of art. »

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The home is conveniently located in a “mixed residential and industrial neighborhood” close to downtown Cincinnati.

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This story was originally published January 18, 2022 5:28 p.m.

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