Airbnb shares creative ways to protect host families

By IANSlife

New Delhi, June 2 (IANSlife): World Environment Day is here, reminding us to rethink our way of life and its impact on the earth, our original home. Small, smart changes in our daily choices can have a huge impact and help build a sustainable world. Simple but thoughtful design and material decisions can play a key role in building an eco-friendly home.

While these initiatives can make a difference to the environment, they can also be incredibly rewarding and profitable for the homeowner. For example, a sustainably designed home can help reduce energy bills, increase efficiency, and overall will require less maintenance over time.

So, as World Environment Day approaches, here are some highlights from some Airbnb eco-friendly stays, and the steps Hosts are taking toward sustainability and a better future.

* Shivgarh – Heritage Farm Stay near Jaipur, Rajasthan

The 200-acre eco-reserve is the best way to sample on-farm experiences. Sustainability is the main driving force behind the operation of this stay. Its 400-year-old heritage structure has been preserved as it is, as well as its original environment. Solar energy is used to make it more energy efficient. Most of the food and beverages served come from local farms or are grown locally. The hosts have also ensured integration with the local artisan community, where you will find most of the furniture made locally, using local materials.

Pushpender, Airbnb host, says, “At Shivgarh, we believe in building a sustainable ecosystem, which is why we operate with almost zero waste, solar power, and rainwater harvesting. Even construction is done using recycled bricks and all furnishings. is handmade by local artisans. Our food is farm to table and we only source locally. In addition to protecting the environment , we want to grow with the local community”.

In addition to offering a complete rustic experience with an outhouse, fire pit, and tree pads, the stay is also pet-friendly!

* Meditation hut, Heal Farm, near Bhimtal, Uaarakhand

The best way to appreciate nature is to be there. Located in the middle of the forest near Lake Sattal, the trees can be seen as far as the eye can see. Given the role of biodiversity in the ecosystem, the stay has been deliberately built in harmony with the surrounding natural biodiversity.

The hosts also employ permaculture practices to conserve the rich surrounding biodiversity. In addition to being extremely careful in integrating the exterior design into its natural habitat, the hosts have maximized natural light and installed composting toilets and glass-roofed bathrooms, among other things. In addition to these, there is ample space for yoga and meditation, creative workspaces and a library.

Speaking on the idea of ​​the “gift economy system,” Airbnb host Adnan says, “Nature needs to be nurtured, both inside and out. We plant seeds that we wish to see it grow and prosper, both in soil and in soul, it is an effort to give back as we grow in the process”

* Classy luxury farm stay in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Although the chalet offers all modern conveniences, it propagates a sustainable lifestyle as much as possible. The 1-acre organic farm honors its natural surroundings with beautifully landscaped gardens and minimalist interiors. In appreciation of its ambience, the farmhouse is built to let in as much natural light as possible, with a bright veranda with French doors. The sound of the surrounding forests is a welcome change for those looking to get away from the city.

Speaking of contemporary and vernacular design language, Airbnb Host Honey comments, “The real luxury at The Owl’s Nest is creating a living space for humans that blends with and perhaps even enhances its natural surroundings. We bring the colors of the forests, the sky with all its stars, the sounds of animals and the breeze into the living space, rather than excluding them.”

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