Airbnb says owner is asking tenants not to party and push in his pool!


A viral video this month shows an Airbnb owner being pushed into his swimming pool. The people blamed for these actions are allegedly the tenants of the house.

Reddit threads often lead to great debate. Reddit users were furious when they saw footage of a man thrown into a swimming pool.

While many details surrounding the incident are unclear, the group of revelers could be seen as they brutally pushed a man into the water.


The caption for the clip claimed the party was taking place at an Airbnb The man was seen in a residential area. The video showed a man arguing with several revelers, allegedly over their noise levels.

Much of the conversation is distorted from the loud noise, but users could faintly hear the man mentioning the firefighters. The situation quickly got out of hand.


While the man was talking, someone cut him off and pushed him into the pool. He fell in, and the revelers laughed and clapped. He didn’t stay too long in the pool. He seemed to be fine and tried to get out of the pool.

After the revelers slammed five times, two people again pulled the man inside. VCR Not noted that these two guys were “bullies” but did not help the man.


The crowd around the pool grew larger, and then the alleged Airbnb owner made another attempt to get out of the pool. The same two people acted quickly and jumped into the pool before the man could get out.

They put him in the water and jostled him. This led the VCR to declare that he “felt bad about recording”. The man then realized that his efforts to get out of the pool were in vain.


Instead of trying to get out again, the video showed he was swimming to the shallow end of the pool. One of the men guilty of throwing him into the water was seen throwing something at him.

The video quickly went viral and received thousands upon thousands of upvotes on Reddit. People were appalled by the incident, and one user: “These people have no redeeming qualities.”


The video ended as the crowd continually mocked and verbally assaulted the man who couldn’t get out. An Airbnb representative They weren’t sure if the incident had happened when they signed up.

According to Daily Dot, they:

“If we receive any information that this was an Airbnb listing or reservation, of course we will investigate immediately.”


A surfer called whoever was recording the video. Internet user: “If he felt bad, he would have zoomed in on the attackers’ faces so that the video could be handed over to the police.”

The user went on to point out that the VCR could have contacted the police to help the man who was mocked and pushed around. It is not known if the incident was reported.

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