Airbnb plans to house 20,000 more Afghan refugees

Airbnb asked its hosts last August to offer free or discounted accommodation to Afghan refugees. Over 7,000 hosts eventually responded to the offer, and many donations were also offered.

After meeting its previously announced goal of finding places for 21,300 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, San Francisco-based Airbnb announced plans to house an additional 20,000 refugees.

Refugees arriving in the United States from Afghanistan are first brought to a military base, with a resettlement agency working to find them suitable housing in the communities. Airbnb helps by providing reservations available for free or at a discounted rate, which is paid for by donors.

Several organizations, including Women for Afghan Women and International Rescue Committee, have been working with Airbnb on the plan as activists scrambled to find temporary housing for Afghan refugees since US troops quickly left the country after 20 years l fall and the Taliban regained control.

Airbnb eventually housed 35% of all Afghan refugees in the United States, relocating them to major cities like Atlanta, Georgia and Sacramento, California.

According to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, the “displacement and resettlement” of Afghan refugees inside and outside the United States is “one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time.”

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The United States admitted more than 70,000 Afghan refugees through Operation Allies Welcome.

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