Airbnb Announces Global Expansion of Urgent Support Line in 11 New Languages


Airbnb announced the global expansion of one of its key security features, the Urgent Help Line, into 11 new languages. The one-touch functionality of the Airbnb app was first developed in 2020 and offers hosts and guests, in the event of an emergency during active bookings, direct access to the support security team business community within 30 seconds.

Initially, the security feature was only available in English, but it is now expanding to Airbnb users with Hungarian, Czech, Italian, German, Malay, Spanish as primary languages , Dutch, Korean, French, Brazilian Portuguese or Japanese.

Airbnb‘s ad mentioned that:

Security issues during Airbnb bookings are extremely rare, but when they do occur we provide prompt assistance from our highly trained crisis support team members to help our hosts and guests defuse situations and prioritize their safety. For example, situations where we strongly encourage the use of the hotline include threats to physical security, such as an unauthorized party in progress or a breach of privacy.

Airbnb users can only use this feature during active Airbnb bookings because “it appears in the app’s security center 24 hours before check-in and disappears 24 hours after check-out.” If users call the Urgent Helpline for non-urgent issues, the Support Team transfers them to the General Community Helpline.

Users can also use the Local Emergency Services feature which is available to help customers contact local emergency services in 34 geographic areas. To learn more about Airbnb’s security initiatives, visit the dedicated webpage here.

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