A family visited a Nashville AirBNB and packed their racism and domestic violence for the trip – Scoop: Nashville

Willard Norton, 53, and his 49-year-old girlfriend, Kentucky Marie Slack, are in Nashville this week, with his daughter, and they certainly haven’t prepared the welcome manual before their arrival. Around 1 a.m. Thursday. Williard ended up in police custody after dancing around Nashville subway cops yelling “Su-Weeeee”, calling them “pigs” and asking them to “fight me like a N—-r.” The only reason the police were even called to Airbnb was to arrest his girlfriend after she returned from a downtown bar drunk and admittedly punched her daughter in the face .

Just before 1 a.m. Thursday, Metro Nashville police responded to a domestic disturbance call at 908-A 14th Ave North. Willard and Kentucky ‘Marie’ returned after drinking and there was an argument with the Kentucky girl, during which she admits to punching her in the face leaving bloody wounds visible.

As officers attended to the domestic situation at the scene, Williard Norton returned to the scene and began shouting “Su-Weeeee”, as onlookers appeared from nearby residences to watch the commotion. He then approached a patrol car shouting “Fuck Pigs” repeatedly. As the police were preparing to arrest him for public drunkenness, they asked him to turn around, at which point he started running around and shouting “Beat me like a nigger” while resisting arrest. He confessed to being drunk, but added, “I’ll probably be so drunk by the time you take me to jail.”

Willard Norton was convicted of public intoxication. Kentucky Marie Slack has been charged with domestic assault with bodily harm and is free on $2,000 bail at her address at 25 Dogwood Drive in Dansville, NY.

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