3 ways to know your home is suffering from bad vibes

No matter how many 5 star hotels and luxury guesthouses we stay in, if there is one place we always look forward to returning, it has to be our home. Whether it’s a small, cluttered apartment or a spacious bungalow, the feeling of having a home to stay in is irreplaceable.

If we ask you what comes to your mind when we say home, most of you will respond with positivity, comfort, happiness, family, and love. What if we said that your home can also be a victim of bad waves? After all, there’s a reason people hang Evil Eye Warders in front of and inside their homes.

But how do you know if your house is surrounded by bad vibes? Here are some ways that can help you.

You feel anxious and depressed at home

If there is a constant feeling of fear, anxiety, and depression whenever you’re home, there’s a good chance your home has some bad vibes. While there could be several other reasons that can trigger such feelings, bad vibes in the home are more common. Just to be sure, write down your feelings when you’re home alone, with someone, and when you’re outside. See the difference in your mood. If you experience fear and anxiety at home, whether you are alone or not, and you feel good every time you go out, it can be an indication of bad vibes.

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The environment seems heavy

Even if you don’t experience feelings like anxiety and depression, but the home environment is muggy or dark, there may be something wrong with the kind of vibe your home should have. Sit alone and experience the surroundings, if the feeling of coziness and peace does not strike you, you may want to clean your house of all the negative vibes.

You are unable to have peaceful sleep

If you find yourself browsing social media at 3 a.m. for no reason and sleep seems to have separated from you, this is, again, an indication of the bad vibes in your home. Even if you are physically unable to feel them, your consciousness can feel them and reflexively your sleep is compromised. While this can also be attributed to increased screen time and overwork, it is best not to overlook the presence of bad vibrations as well.

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