2 nights glamping in Airbnb Teardrop Camper

After scouring Vrbo, local blogs, travel sites and Google, I found a small teardrop camper on Airbnb.

The teardrop rental logo.

Monica Humphries / Insider

I hunted vacation rental sites like Vrbo and googled the best cabin rentals in Moab with no luck. I also scrolled through Airbnb, where I spotted huge five-wheeled motorhomes, yurts and vintage caravans, which I consider all forms of glamping.

Then I came across an Airbnb listing for a small teardrop trailer through Red Rocks Base Camps. The motorhome was one of the most affordable options I’ve seen, plus it seemed like a convenient size for one or two people for one or two nights.

This was my first time booking an RV on Airbnb, and the process was slightly different than booking a brick and mortar home.

The Airbnb listing said the host would deliver my trailer to a nearby Moab location, which I was responsible for finding and paying for. So before booking Airbnb, I researched campsites around Moab.

After seeing positive reviews of Ken’s Lake Campground, I booked a campsite there for two nights, for $48. Then I booked the Airbnb and let my host know where I would be camping. The trailer was $286 for the two nights. The insider paid these costs, in accordance with our reporting standards.

Once my reservation was confirmed, I was ready. All I had to do was arrive at the campsite on check-in day.

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