Borrow money for doors and windows

Do you have old windows and doors in the home? Or are you on a major construction project? In both cases, there is reason to consider the environmentally and energy-friendly windows and doors on the market. They can save you a lot of money on your monthly bills.

If you lack money for the replacement or home energy improvements, loans can be an obvious option. Whether loans for new windows and doors are right for you depends on many factors. Not least the cost of borrowing.

Nevertheless, this can end up being a reasonable investment, as the costs can be offset by savings in the heating bill.

Borrow money for windows and doors

Borrow money for windows and doors

It can end up as a good investment

Many studies and tests are regularly done on Danish homes and the key elements that have a bearing on the energy consumption of the home. Many of them gave one clear answer. A good insulation of the house, supplemented by replacement of leaky windows and doors, can save you a lot of money annually.

How much money is always individual, but the savings are not to be mistaken. So if you choose to borrow money for windows & doors it can end up being a good investment, even if you pay a lot of interest.

Where do you then borrow money for new windows and doors? The easy answer is the bank. Please inquire with them first as they know your personal finances best and can advise you accordingly.

If they steal completely, the online loan market has gradually become a strong alternative. Especially because several loan providers have started offering customers interest rates down to 5%. It is far from as expensive and unattractive as it was 5-10 years ago.

In addition, applying for loans online is 100% free and without obligation . You can always obtain loan offers without being tied to anything.

Get grants for energy improvements

Get grants for energy improvements

It is possible to apply for grants for many things in Denmark. You can apply for grants for the dentist, grants for resident grants and not least for your energy improvements. It can be anything from new windows, to heat pumps, gas boilers and a thorough insulation.

The opportunities are many and common to all initiatives is that they help strengthen the house’s energy consumption. That is why all newly built houses must adhere to strict requirements for insulation and energy standards.

If you still need to get started with the huge energy optimization of the home, you should consider including more than just windows and doors. It can certainly help an energy specialist to clarify.

Initially, you can visit Dong Energy if you want an overview of what you can get a subsidy for and what you have to comply with.

Choose energy-friendly windows and doors

When replacing exterior doors and windows in the home, it is important that you choose the right manufacturers. Velfac and Pro Tec are known as two of the leading manufacturers in the field. You should therefore look at their products and compare them with each other.

Too many Danes only focus on the appearance when they need to find new doors or windows. It’s a big mistake, because the environmentally friendly and energy aspect is far more important – at least for your finances!

Do yourself the favor of picking the most energy-friendly variants on the market, especially if you are considering borrowing for the energy improvements. Then their appearance must be a little different.

Get the right type of new windows selected

Get the right type of new windows selected

It is crucial that you get the right type of windows, especially if you have to take out a loan for new windows . In this section, we will review the various window types and your options as a customer, so that you can more easily choose the right solution.

Typically, two general categories are distinguished, namely facade windows and skylights. It is a very rough classification, but within each category there are a large number of subcategories, depending on how they are designed. Here are the following 6 designs:

  1. Windows divided into sections – A side-hung window type that is available in 1-4 sections.
  2. Farmer Window – Known enough by most, with 6 equal fields giving great symmetry.
  3. A very classic pattern found in many Danish homes. There are 6 window boxes, but where the two bottom and the top are separated from each other.
  4. The modern window – This type is often simpler, with fewer subjects and more rectangular shapes. Most are found in new builds and many will think they do not have the same charm.
  5. A slightly atypical but nice design. Unlike the other types, there is not the same symmetry in this variant.
  6. The paw window – A very small variants with many small fields.

Add to that the wide range of materials, where you can choose between wood, metal and plastic. So it’s not because there is a lack of choice. However, we believe that the most important thing is to have the window type clarified and hopefully you can do this via the above overview. Otherwise, you can definitely approach a decision by viewing pictures of the different types.

What savings can I expect?

What savings can I expect?

Now to what savings you can expect by implementing these home energy improvements. There is no doubt that it is difficult to establish, for what condition are the current elements in? How well insulated and protected is your accommodation otherwise? There are many unknown factors that make it impossible to give an accurate answer.

Exactly the exact answer can be crucial to you and your decision. For this reason, you should contact the supplier / dealer of the selected doors & windows for a chat and an estimate of what to expect. Don’t expect them to do the math for you, but they may provide you with a guide to normal. A guide to what they have experienced before so you can use this guide.

We can understand that you would like to know if the return on investment is 6, 8 or 12 years when you need to evaluate whether it is worth seeking funding for the purchase. However, there is no doubt it will be a good investment for your heating bill and for the value of your home if you can make a loan for doors and windows at a reasonable rate.